Hi, I’m Kara

Friends and family, good music, good food and lots of coffee is what fuels me in my personal life, they also happen to be the components of wedding days. 

I’m an optimist, I’m sentimental, and I care so damn much. I want my couples to feel comfortable and cared for, have photos that represent them and their love to look back on for years to come, and to know that no matter what happens on their day we are going to make magic, rain or shine, whether the timeline gets off track or not. I’m here for you! 

I can’t wait to get to know you, but I’ll go first

my roots

I was raised in Chattanooga, TN and have a great appreciation for my southern upbringing. My dad was a film photographer in the 80’s for his career and for documenting his personal adventures. He gave me a camera at a young age so I was always familiar with photography but it wasn’t until I moved to Colorado in my early 20’s that I became passionate about capturing the beauty that surrounds us. I upgraded cameras and learned photography and fly-fishing simultaneously with my (now) husband. Taking photos of people came a little later but once I started capturing couples I knew I found what truly makes me feel the most creative and fulfilled and I haven’t looked back. I’m going into my 5th year of business and I’m truly just so grateful.

You can find me going to the thrift store probably once a week, it’s like a therapy session. Fly-fishing with my husband is another release, even when the fishing is slow, being out on the water is therapeutic. I live for traveling, road trips and exploring new places but I also have days that I want to stay in and watch movies all day. I love staying at fun and unique hotels and finding cute coffee shops. My two favorite foods are street tacos and sushi. Deciding between a Spicy Margarita or an Espresso Martini is always a hard decision. I love going to concerts but don’t ask me my favorite kind of music because it’s all over the place. Rainy days and re-organizing my home are simply the best. 


"Kara was so personable and easy to work with!"

Melissa + Matt

"She was beautifully present on our wedding day."


"Kara is caring, kind, talented and trustworthy."


"she's sweet, laid back and down for whatever you throw at her!"


"She was so patient and listened to everything we wanted."

my philosophy

Having an eye for the little moments, going with the flow of the day, solving problems as they arise, staying calm and present, and investing in you as much as you’ve invested in your day. You do your thing and I’ll do mine. 

My team, my support system, and my snuggle partners:

My husband is a Fly-fishing guide but we didn’t always have our dream jobs. We were both working retail 9-5’s and felt overworked and unfulfilled. On our days off we would do the things that inspired us sometimes together, sometimes not. For Justin, that was being on the water. I often would go with him and take photos of our adventures together, fish we caught and Moose sitting in her own seat in the back of our drift boat. We decided to pursue our passions around the same time and turn what inspired and fulfilled us into our careers!

We bought our A-frame home across the street from the Roaring Fork River a couple years ago. We are so happy to call the Aspen valley home. When we aren’t on the river or home – you can find us bowling, going to a concert, or in Mexico. We love Mexico!

Moose is our 5 year old Chocolate lab that loves booty rubs, long hikes, lazy days, food scraps, and being on the river. She’s the silliest and sweetest pup.

Meet my Husband and Moose, our silly Chocolate Lab

My favorite treat ever is Thai Tea Boba!


Zodiac Sign: Cancer


My mom is my best friend and the only person I talk to on the phone for an hour+


Obsessed with vintage nostalgic 70’s/80’s vibes


I’m an Enneagram type 9


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